1978-1981 OEM Pontiac Door Panels/Cards

These are in near mint condition, especially for their age. It is very hard to find them in this condition. I zoomed in on the problem areas.

1970-1972 Firebird Driver Side Lower Armrest. Excellent condition.

1978-1981 Firebird Camble/ Tan Driver Side Rear Sail Panel. Mint condition. $200 for both Driver and Passenger side + $30.00 Shipping

1978- 1981 Firebird Tan Armrest/ Door Handle  $120.00 Shipping included.

1978- 1981 Firebird Blue Armrest/ Door Handle  S120.00 Shipping included.

1978- 1981 Firebird White Armrest/ Door Handle.  $120.00 Shipping included.

1978-1981 Firebird Maroon Armrest/ Door Handle Driver and Passenger Side  $120.00 each Shipping included.

Small imperfections noted below in pictures.